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2002 International Journal Seung-Taek Ryoo, Kyunghyun Yoon, Orthogonal Cross Cylinder Using Segmentation Based Environment Modeling, LNCS'02, Vol.2330, No.-, pp.141-150
2002 International Conference Seung-Taek Ryoo, Kyunghyun Yoon, Full-View Panoramic Navigation Using Orthogonal Cross Cylinder, Journal of WSCG'02, Vol.x, No.x, pp.381-388
2001 International Conference Youngsub Park, Hyekyung Ko, Cheungwoon Jho and Kyunghyun Yoon, Navigation based on Multi Cylindrical Environment Map, ICCAS'01, pp.-
2001 International Conference Sanghyun Seo, Donghwan Kim and Kyunghyun Yoon, Development of Image-based Modeller Using Primitive Constraints, ICCAS'01, pp.-
2001 International Conference Yeongseok Kim, Cheungwoon Jho and Kyunghyun Yoon, A Study on the Virtual Indoor Scene Navigation, ICCAS'01, pp.-
2001 International Conference Sanghyun Seo, Sungye Kim, Youngsub Park and Kyunghyun Yoon, Colored-Paper Mosaic Rendering, SIGGRAPH'01 sketches, pp.157-157
2001 International Conference Daeuk Kang, Donghwan Kim and Kyunghyun Yoon, A Study on the Real-Time Rendering for 3D Geometry Model, Information Visualization'01, pp.391-396
2001 International Conference Youngsub Park, Kyunghyun Yoon, View Morphing Using Sprites with Depth, Information Visualization'01, pp.323-328
2001 International Conference Seungteak Ryoo, Sanghyun Seo and Kyunghyun Yoon, Environment Maps based Real-time Architectural Walktroughs, Euroimage'01, pp.-
2001 International Conference Youngseok Kim, Kyunghyun Yoon, Construction of Cylindrical Environment Map using Symmetric FFT Operation, Euroimage'01, pp.-
2000 International Conference Seungteak Ryoo, Youngseok Kim, Kwangman Oho and Kyunghyun Yoon, Real-time Walkthrough of Virtual Space using Environment Map, 6th International Conference on Virtual Systems and Multimedia'00, pp.514-521
2000 International Conference Sungye Kim, Kyunghyun Yoon, An Alternative to the Hemicube Algorithm for Computing Form Factor, Graphicon'00, pp.105-109
2000 International Journal Sungye Kim, Hyekyung Ko and Kyunghyun Yoon, Acceleration of a Formfactor Calculation through the Use of the 2D Tree, LNCS'00, Vol.xx, No.xx, pp.100-111
1999 International Conference Sanghyun Seo, Seungtaek Ryoo and Kyunghyun Yoon, Multilevel Tree Generation using Environmentally Sensitive L-systems, Conference on Generative systems in the electronic arts'99, pp.138-146
1999 International Conference Kyunghyun Yoon, Stochastically Sampled Backward Ray-tracing for Diffuse Inter-reflection, 4nd Germany-Korea Joint Conference on advanced Medical Image'99, pp.-
1999 International Conference Seungtaek Ryoo, Kyunghyun Yoon, An Improved Ray-Tracing with Stochastic Sampling, International Symposium on Electronic Imaging'99, pp.255-262
1998 International Conference Jung-Ho Ha, Kyunghyun Yoon, A Study on Polygon Reduction for Real-time Rendering of Medical Image, 3rd Korean-Germany Joint Workshop on advanced Medical Image'98, pp.---
1997 International Conference Kyunghyun Yoon, HSI Color Image Segmentation based on Geodesic, 2nd Germany-Korea Joint Conference'97, pp.45-48
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