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2013 International Journal Dongwann Kang, Sanghyun Seo, Seungtaek Ryu, Kyunghyun Yoon, A study on stakable mosaic genration for mobile devices, Multimedia Tools and Application, Vol.63, pp.145-159
2013 International Journal Sanghyun Seo, Seungtaek Ryu, Kyunghyun Yoon, Artistic image generation for emerging multimedia services by impressionist manner, ACM Trans.Embeded Comput.Syst., Vol.12, Issue2, No.22
2013 Domestic Conference Giju Ahn, Lautrec's sketch rendering technique , HCI'13, pp.1211-1214
2013 Domestic Conference Jisung Park, Kyunhyun Yoon, The interative tile mosaics for User interface, HCI'13, pp.810-812
2013 Domestic Conference Gyungrok Lee, Kyunhyun Yoon, 로트랙 초상화 렌더링, 멀티미디어 학회 추계 학술 발표대회'13, Poster
2013 Domestic Conference Taemin Lee, Dongwann Kang, Kyunhyun Yoon, 세일리언시를 고려한 스타일 전이 기법, 정보과학회 추계 학술 발표대회'13, Poster
2012 International Conference Myunghun Han, Sanghyun Seo, Seungteak Ryu, Kyunghyun Yoon, Painterly Rendering with Focusing Effect, EMC'12, pp.319-324
2012 International Conference Taemin Lee, Hochang Lee, Sanghyun Seo, Seungteak Ryu, Kyunghyun Yoon, Position-Based Tile Generation for Colored Paper Mosaic Rendering, EMC'12, pp.147-154
2012 International Conference Hochang Lee, Taemin Lee, Kyunghyun Yoon, A Novel Color Transfer Algorithm for impressionist Painting, ISVC'12, pp.512-522
2012 International Conference Gyeongrok Lee , Hochang Lee, Taemin Lee, Kyunghyun Yoon, Image Abstraction with Cartoonlike Shade Representation, WSCG'12, pp.45-52
2012 Domestic Conference Kong Phutphalla , Hochang Lee, Kyunghyun Yoon, 비디오 기반의 질감 전이 기법, KCC'12, pp.3-23
2012 Domestic Conference Yongjin Ohn , Dongwann Kang, Kyunghyun Yoon, 비디오 기반 스테인드글라스 애니메이션에 관한 연구, KCGS'12, pp.179-180
2012 International Journal Dongwann Kang, Yongjin Ohn, Myunghun Han, Kyunghyun Yoon, Generation of coherent mosaic animations: enhancement and evaluation of temporal coherence, CASA'12, Vol.23, Issue 3-4, pp.191-202
2012 International Conference Dongwann Kang, Yongjin Ohn, Kyunghyun Yoon, Feature-guided video stippling, CASA'12, pp.58-61
2012 International Conference Taemin Lee, Hochang Lee, Kyunghyun Yoon, Fog effect generation from approximated depth of image, FCV'12, pp.154-148
2012 Domestic Conference Taemin Lee, Hochang Lee, Jaeni Jang, Kyunghyun Yoon, Landscape Painterly Rendering Based on Objects Classification, HCI'12, pp.208-211
2012 Domestic Conference Jaehwa Lee, Kyunghyun Yoon, A Method for Generation Collage with Various Sized and Shaped Tiles, HCI'12, pp.353-356
2011 Domestic Conference Jaemoon Chio, Kyunghyun Yoon, Real-time mesh painting using per-pixel linked list, HCI'11, pp.112-114
2011 Domestic Conference Yongjin Ohn, Dongwann Kang and Kyunghyun Yoon, A Tile mosaic generation using offset lines, HCI'11, pp.42-44
2011 International Conference Yongjin Ohn, Dongwann Kang, Myounghun Han and Kyunghyun Yoon, Spatially coherent tile mosaic method, FCV'11, pp.-
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