Welcome to the Computer Graphics Laboratory of Chung-Ang University in Korea. 


We have been studying about realistic images such as IBR and Ray Tracing. We can come up with the world realistically using the computer and have extensive experience in virtual environment transcending the spatio temporal. 


It is not too much to say that these studies have reached the final stage of research in taking into consideration dynamics or physical properties of the objects such as Ray Tracing and Radiosity. 


NPR(Non-Photorealistic Rendering) is the skill neccessary to create originative images like the art from an artists. 


The research about NPR is much more relevant than the simulation of realistic images for computer graphics skills. 


It has been used to create animations, games, and even films. Lately, we're interested in NPR and working diligently in various areas such as Painterly Rendering, Mosaic, Pointillism and Black Ink. 


The images created by these techniques are similar to a work of art produced by an artist. 


Now it applies to games, films, animations and so on.


In following, our NPR productions will easily allow a user to achieve on their computer or smart phone an image resembling an artwork.